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February 17, 2010

Introducing Myself

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My name is Elizabeth Reyes. I’m a very passionate and determined person when it comes to doing makeup. It’s a passion that started a couple of years ago, watching television, especially makeovers and fashion shows. I actually applied for macys in the consmetics department but there was no space available, so i worked in stockroom department for 7 months and got transfered to the consmetics department. I’m currently working in Philosophy, a company that is concerned with skincare, but not really make up. although my passion is makeup, I do enjoy my job and like doing facials, chemical peels and usually take my own make up to work and do make overs. That’s my favorite part of the day… seeing poeple’s smiles after they find a new them.

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6 Comments to “Introducing Myself”
  1. ksyed100 says:

    oo very nice site ely maybe you should do my make up sometime<3

  2. helen720 says:

    i love to do makeup too. and thought about being a makeup artist in the future. but it was great that you love and philosophy is one of my favorite brands.

  3. Julia says:

    I think its awesome that you work for this company! I really like their products, are there any other types of makeup or skincare that you like? How exactly does a chemical peel work?

  4. lily15 says:

    I think doing make-up is such an art, and I would love to someday take classes in how to apply make-up professionally,I think it’s such an accent to women’s beauty,nice work Elizabeth!

  5. nalicia21 says:

    Just by looking at the picture on your blog, I knew you were all into make up before even reading what you wrote. Its amazing how much people having in common as total strangers and a common blog. I myself have a love for the art of make up.

  6. antonia says:

    And I was smiling when reading the comments to your great self-introduction, Elizabeth. To a sociologist’s eye… — they are all from woman, and all appreciative of make-up in general. Personally, I hardly ever wear make-up and see way make-up is marketed to women in a very critical way. I wonder if you would be interested in doing your project on this topic? …

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