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February 21, 2010

Getting to know my eyes

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Yea, I know. I’m supposed to sit in a place and see my sorrounding. I know, there’s no people in this picture. Truth is… I’m sorrounded by people every day and sometimes I really need to be alone. Every morning on my way to school I take the 7 train. We all know how packed the 7 train is but I always find a way to take the empty car, put my music out loud and relax. I enjoy putting my feet up on the seats and enjoy the empty car. There are so many things that come to me when i see it so empty, and it makes me laugh. Who would think that there would be an empty car in the 7  train and I always manage to get on it?! I love looking through the window and seeing the buildings and the sky of course. This is my favorite place, my 15 minutes of relaxation. Don’t get me wrong… I love people, but I am always interacting with people at work, in school, at home, on the phone, etc. I choose the train as my picture and I hope you enjoy it.

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4 Comments to “Getting to know my eyes”
  1. ksyed100 says:

    I really loved the photography, I think the angle in which this photo was taken gives it a very nice dramatic effect, as well as the natural outdoor lighting. The photo clearly relates to the paragraph, I can feel the peace of the quiet subway car through the picture. The feet resting on the pole show that some one is really relaxed and enjoying this peace.

  2. ZX says:

    It must be amazing experience. Imaging there are no tired faces surrounding you, no burgers and coffees tempting you, no homeless or strange people that may make you feel uncomfortable..you find your own peace by sitting in an empty car which filled with soft sunlight through window…I think it only happens on “early bird”, doesn’t it?! Haha…

  3. devyndarko says:

    Very slick! I really like the chill feeling i get by seeing airborne feet in a resting state, yet you’re on public transportation. I feel like you’re always on the go, yet taking the opportunity to rest up while you can. Being that you’re also alone on this vehicle only makes it feel much more serene. The brightness of daylight gives this photo a very lively feeling. I bet you’re basking in the moment.

  4. antonia says:

    Great entry, Elizabeth! You did capture the atmosphere you describe very well in the picture — I like the perspective you chose a lot. And what a lucky shot, finding an empty train car in the middle of the day!

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