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March 24, 2010

Proposal Ethics

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For our proposal, some of the ethics we will be looking at are informed consent and permission of the bride and groom to assist the wedding and be able to take pictures of the event. Also, the people that will be in the wedding know about the project and they are informed about the pictures that will be taken.

The Mexican wedding we are attending are not related to me in any way. However, a friend of mines is and he told me about it. I’ve talked to the bride about the project and she is completely fine with us comming to her wedding and taking pictures of anything as long as we give her copy of all the pictures we’ve taken for her photo album. she understands that we won’t harm her wedding in any way or will  intervene with her wedding plans. Kanwal has also talked to the bride and the family about the project. They have accepted with no doubt and are exited about the pictures we will choose for our project.

this must be exiting!

If anyone has a concern with their picture taken, it will de deleted from the project. Any interviews held will also be informed and the intervieww must give us his or her consent.

Visual Exploration

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As I mentioned before, the proposal Kanwal Syed and I will be working on is culture. We will compare and contrast the traditions seen in Pakistani weddings and Mexican weddings. It is definitely interesting to see how we carry our own traditions and the uniqueness of these.

                One of the first things that caught my attention for this project was the Hanna tattoos we did on Club Fair at school. We decided to visit the Paki club and they offered to do a Hanna tattoo for free. I found it very interesting to see how a Hanna tattoo can bring out so much personality and uniqueness. I felt special having a Hanna tattoo even though I am Mexican. I remember walking in Manhattan, and stopped by a café area to get some coffee, and the cashier asked me if I was getting married, of course I said no. I told Kanwal about this and she told me that a Paki wedding goes on for three days and the first day is Hanna tattoo day where the bride gets Hanna tattoos for the ceremony.

picture taken by Elizabeth Reyes

                In Mexican weddings we don’t get Hanna tattoos or dress up in long dresses. You just dress to impress as we say. One of the most memorable things in Mexican weddings is the flower girl. She will walk behind the bride throwing out flowers as the music continues and the bride gets to the altar. Flower girls also tend to hold the long dress of the bride. Without flower girl there’s no wedding. 🙂 . this picture was taken by my brother Fernando Reyes outside of the church. That’s my niece as a flower girl for a Mexican wedding we attended last year.

Picture taken by Fernando Reyes

March 17, 2010


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For our  project Kanwal Syed and I were thinking to compare cultural differences. Kanwal and I are both from different ethnic backgrounds and we thought it would be interesting if we could  experience and compare each others cultures.  Me and my family actually moved here from Mexico when she I was 14 and Kanwal was born in the US but her parents are from Pakistan. We both decided on comparing our own traditional wedding rituals to each others. Kanwal and I will both attend a traditional Pakistani wedding and a traditional Mexican wedding and we will try to compare and understand each others cultures through our own eyes.  Some ideas are the comparison of the bridal gown and representation of certain colors and different rituals preformed during and after the wedding.

March 8, 2010

Mini Fieldwork Experience

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The last activity we had in class was very fun. The mini fieldwork experience was very interesting for me being the researcher and the participant. I was the first one to do the role of the Researcher. Being the researcher gave me a feeling of power since I was asking all the questions, and at the same time it was interesting to see where my participants would take me next. It was challenging to think of what questions to ask my participants but once we were in the field, questions came up easy as we move on to a different scenario. The things I heard from my participants were very profesional since not only we talked about the improvements we could have in the dinning areas, but also the reason why things should be changed. For example, Devin mentioned how the school should replace the soda machines with water or juice since many countries have been exploited in these coca-cola companies.

The role of Senora Participant was also very fun. The whole experience of putting my thoughts with pictures together was very enjoyable. It was nice guiding the Researcher.  I was the participant in the second round and we talked about the improvemevents that should be made at QC. I took pictures of the bathrooms as I was telling the Researcher that the bathrooms should be kept clean 24/7. overall, the experience was very enjoyable.


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