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March 8, 2010

Mini Fieldwork Experience

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The last activity we had in class was very fun. The mini fieldwork experience was very interesting for me being the researcher and the participant. I was the first one to do the role of the Researcher. Being the researcher gave me a feeling of power since I was asking all the questions, and at the same time it was interesting to see where my participants would take me next. It was challenging to think of what questions to ask my participants but once we were in the field, questions came up easy as we move on to a different scenario. The things I heard from my participants were very profesional since not only we talked about the improvements we could have in the dinning areas, but also the reason why things should be changed. For example, Devin mentioned how the school should replace the soda machines with water or juice since many countries have been exploited in these coca-cola companies.

The role of Senora Participant was also very fun. The whole experience of putting my thoughts with pictures together was very enjoyable. It was nice guiding the Researcher.  I was the participant in the second round and we talked about the improvemevents that should be made at QC. I took pictures of the bathrooms as I was telling the Researcher that the bathrooms should be kept clean 24/7. overall, the experience was very enjoyable.

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2 Comments to “Mini Fieldwork Experience”
  1. ksyed100 says:

    My teammate and I picked up on the exact same thing, they need better cleaning staff on QC campus.

  2. antonia says:

    Great start, Elizabeth. A few comments:
    – check your spelling before posting an entry. Maybe you could enable automatic spell checking in your browser? Even if this is “just” a blog, this is academic work and I will check for grammar and spelling as well.
    – as we discussed in class: please rotate your pictures before posting them. If you don’t know how, please ask.
    – I wonder what your last picture is all about?

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