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March 17, 2010


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For our  project Kanwal Syed and I were thinking to compare cultural differences. Kanwal and I are both from different ethnic backgrounds and we thought it would be interesting if we could  experience and compare each others cultures.  Me and my family actually moved here from Mexico when she I was 14 and Kanwal was born in the US but her parents are from Pakistan. We both decided on comparing our own traditional wedding rituals to each others. Kanwal and I will both attend a traditional Pakistani wedding and a traditional Mexican wedding and we will try to compare and understand each others cultures through our own eyes.  Some ideas are the comparison of the bridal gown and representation of certain colors and different rituals preformed during and after the wedding.

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4 Comments to “Proposal”
  1. penny says:

    Interesting topic! I was wondering how you both were able to offer wedding experiences from the different cultures? I think the comparison will hopefully prove surprising! will you be interviewing anyone? at the weddings or otherwise?

  2. lnaiman says:

    This sounds like an interesting topic that I would love to learn about. I was curious about your methodology; is a lot of your information going to be obtained from what you and Kanwal experience? Or will you be interviewing people of both cultures also? What type of questions will you ask? Or will you each interview each other as the source of information? This seems like a great idea, but you should clarify what your specific methodology you intend on carrying out.

  3. elydurey says:

    Penny, we will interview our parents and ask them several questions. for instance, “What traditions are carried on a Mexican/ Pakistani wedding?” and compare these to out personal experience of what we saw at these events.

    Inaiman, we are planning to take pictures from both weddings, contrast and compare. Also, Kanwal will interview me about my experience with the Pakistani wedding and she will write her response, and comment on whether she feels the same way or not about a pakistani wedding, and viceversa about a mexican wedding.

  4. antonia says:

    Interesting topic and approach, and I am looking forward what you guys come up with! I agree with lnaiman that you should specify your methods some more: what are the questions you are interested in? What materials outside of your own experience will you use? Will you interview people at the weddings? (you could do interviews at the other culture’s weddings, asking people of different ages/ gender about the history and meaning of the wedding rituals)
    Also, how will your project be visual? Maybe you could include historical pictures on Pakistani and Mexican weddings.

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