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March 24, 2010

Proposal Ethics

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For our proposal, some of the ethics we will be looking at are informed consent and permission of the bride and groom to assist the wedding and be able to take pictures of the event. Also, the people that will be in the wedding know about the project and they are informed about the pictures that will be taken.

The Mexican wedding we are attending are not related to me in any way. However, a friend of mines is and he told me about it. I’ve talked to the bride about the project and she is completely fine with us comming to her wedding and taking pictures of anything as long as we give her copy of all the pictures we’ve taken for her photo album. she understands that we won’t harm her wedding in any way or will  intervene with her wedding plans. Kanwal has also talked to the bride and the family about the project. They have accepted with no doubt and are exited about the pictures we will choose for our project.

this must be exiting!

If anyone has a concern with their picture taken, it will de deleted from the project. Any interviews held will also be informed and the intervieww must give us his or her consent.

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3 Comments to “Proposal Ethics”
  1. lnaiman says:

    What are you planning on taking pictures of? It is great that you already received permission from the bridge to take pictures of the wedding. You should look in to whether you need permission from other individuals that will be in your pictures? For example, if you take a picture of 2 individuals dancing – do you need their permission as well? I don’t know the answer myself but I think it is something you should look in to. Overall you project sounds great and your considerations were thought through thoroughly.

  2. antonia says:

    Good start. The ethics for your project are a bit tricky since you will eb at a private event but with lots of people; i.e. you won’t be able to talk to them all personally and get their permission for every single picture you take. In order to get around this, I would propose the following: you will talk to both the groom and the bride about your project and get their permission to attend the wedding (will you actually “assist” them as you say in your post??), to take pictures and to post them on your blogs for thsi project. After the wedding, it will be your discretion to select pictures that are meaningful for your topic but still respectful of the wedding parties (e.g. you won’t use any revealing, obviocusly disturbing or misleading pictures). This will also be part of your agreement with the brides and groom. Since people are used to being photographed during a wedding, and have their pictures posted all over the place afterward, we will just assume that this will be your informed consent with all wedding guests. What do you think?

  3. penny says:

    I was wondering if you would also need consent from all the people attending the marriage ceremonies? or perhaps, will you inform them that the wedding is part of the project when they arrive? I was also wondering about the location of the ceremonies… would you also need consent from the site? I am interested in the outcome of this project and curious to see just how many differences and similarities there are between the two.

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