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March 24, 2010

Visual Exploration

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As I mentioned before, the proposal Kanwal Syed and I will be working on is culture. We will compare and contrast the traditions seen in Pakistani weddings and Mexican weddings. It is definitely interesting to see how we carry our own traditions and the uniqueness of these.

                One of the first things that caught my attention for this project was the Hanna tattoos we did on Club Fair at school. We decided to visit the Paki club and they offered to do a Hanna tattoo for free. I found it very interesting to see how a Hanna tattoo can bring out so much personality and uniqueness. I felt special having a Hanna tattoo even though I am Mexican. I remember walking in Manhattan, and stopped by a café area to get some coffee, and the cashier asked me if I was getting married, of course I said no. I told Kanwal about this and she told me that a Paki wedding goes on for three days and the first day is Hanna tattoo day where the bride gets Hanna tattoos for the ceremony.

picture taken by Elizabeth Reyes

                In Mexican weddings we don’t get Hanna tattoos or dress up in long dresses. You just dress to impress as we say. One of the most memorable things in Mexican weddings is the flower girl. She will walk behind the bride throwing out flowers as the music continues and the bride gets to the altar. Flower girls also tend to hold the long dress of the bride. Without flower girl there’s no wedding. 🙂 . this picture was taken by my brother Fernando Reyes outside of the church. That’s my niece as a flower girl for a Mexican wedding we attended last year.

Picture taken by Fernando Reyes

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2 Comments to “Visual Exploration”
  1. antonia says:

    Beautiful pictures! And very enlightening explanations. Well done! — To be honest, when I first looked at your second picture (I assume you got permission to post it here…) I thought it pictured a doll! How old is your niece? She looks adorable but very young for a flower girl… 🙂

  2. penny says:

    I found it very interesting that you were asked after noticing your henna tattoo is you were getting married… showing that even the little things we don’t think of as telling others anything are really saying a lot. I was wondering if you were going to be discussing the religious influences of certain customs within the different cultures pertaining to marriage?

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