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April 28, 2010

Famous photographer Larry Clark

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Larry Clark “Untitled 1963” from “Tulsa.” Courtesy of artist and Luhring Augustine

“A piece from Larry Clark’s “Tulsa” series, part of his retropective at the International Center of Photography” by The New York Times

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/25/arts/design/25john.html?pagewanted=all&position=

Presentation: Mexican and Pakistani Wedding.

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This interview has been translated from Spanish to English. (I interviewed my mom Esther Duran).

1.       In a traditional Mexican wedding, how do a man and woman get together?

Well, usually the groom and bride date for a long time to get to know each other, and hopefully fall in love. The groom proposes to the bride, the bride says yes, and later on the groom must go to the bride’s house with his parents to ask for the bride’s hand, meaning to get the parents approval to marry her. His economy, education, and social status are important, but not the most essential matter. Love and being a good husband to the bride is what matters the most.

2.       In a traditional Mexican wedding what does the wedding consist of?

A traditional Mexican wedding consists of getting married by law and by church. First, is signing the papers to legalize their marriage by law. After that is over, the bride and the groom meet at church to get married by God. The groom waits at the front of the altar and the bride comes minutes later walking next to her father. Her father gives her away at the altar. After the church ceremony, everyone goes to the reception where everybody celebrates their union with food, cake and music and everybody dances.

3.       What is the traditional wedding attire?

The groom wears a black suit and a white shirt, a tie, and nice black shoes.  The bride wears a long white beautiful wedding gown in any style she prefers. White high heels, not too much jewelry, and an up-do hairstyle.

Exchanging Rings

My experience at the Pakistani wedding:

Similarities in the wedding was the wedding cake cutting ceremony.

Cake cutting ceremony


One difference I found in the Pakistani wedding was that the girls and guys could not dance together.

Only boys dancing to "bhangra"


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